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About us

"More than 90% of thermal solar plants in Salzburg are not operating on an optimal level."

Who we are

We've taken the task of optimizing renewable energy plants upon ourselves since the beginning of the year 2011.

Our aim

Our optimization techniques allow us to provide an energy yield increase of 50 percent on average.

What we do

We monitor the facilities via Online-Monitoring, optimizing the solar output furthermore, thus reducing the amount of primary energy required.

What we use

Latest technology enable us to monitor and evaluate the facilities in real time allowing us to provide the best optimization possible. Furthermore we are being notified in real time via SMS if an error in the facility my occur.

Our Team

Ing. Dietmar Stampfer is in charge of Housing Technology and Hydraulics.

Ing. Dietmar Stampfer


Numbers outline

186 Locations
13020000 KWH saved per year*
930000 Euro saved per year*
7812 CO2 reduction per year*

Our Services

We provide you our service as an individualized solution from monitoring to optimization.


We are monitoring the facilities with help of latest technologies like Wiregate-Servers.


Our custom software as well as other visualisation technologies allow us to evaluate the sensor values thus making it possible to efficiently recognize possible failure or inefficiency.


We mainly use 1-Wire Multisensors for the measurement of our monitored plants in combination of the 1-Wire-Bus technology.


In an average housing complex the possible optimization potential amounts to about 70.000 Kilowatthours* per year. This would provide an energy cost reduction of about 5000 Euros* per year.

Current Job offers

We currently have no open positions.


  • "Our optimization measures provide an energy yield increase of 50 percent in average."

    Ing. Hans Steurer

  • "Our philosophy reads as follows: Each and every sun ray that drops on the Earth's surface shall not be wasted."

    Ing. Dietmar Stampfer

  • "Viva el sol."

Contact us

Feel free to contact us any time during our work times.

Jakob-Haringer-Straße 5a, Salzburg
+43 (0) 662 / 24 33 54
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